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  1. Toe Separator Silicon (Tynor)

    Toe Separator Silicon (Tynor)

    Tynor Orthotics (P) Ltd

    Toe Separator Silicon

    Toe separator (silicon) is anatomically designed to spread toes, absorb pressure and help in their alignment. Friction between overlapping and pinched toes can cause discomfort, irritation and corns. Toe separator aligns the big toe relieves bunion discomfort, pain and soreness associated with soft corns or toes rubbing together.

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    Rs 84.00
  2. Insole Full Silicon (Tynor)

    Insole Full Silicon (Tynor)

    Tynor Orthotics (P) Ltd

    Insole Full Silicon

    • High cushioning coefficient.
    • Next to nature, shock absorption and energy return
    • Long functional life
    • Non Cellular
    • Has a long functional life.
    • Odourless
    • Easy to clean and maintain.
    • Anatomical and streamlined shape
    • Ensures better weight distribution
    • Cushions against injury to the area
    • Reduces immediately metatarsal pain
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    Rs 899.00
  3. Heel Cup Silicon (Tynor)

    Heel Cup Silicon (Tynor)

    Tynor Orthotics (P) Ltd

    Heel Cup Silicon

    • Made from silicon.
    • Durable & hygienic.
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    Rs 250.00
  4. Medical Arch Orthosis (Tynor)

    Medical Arch Orthosis(Pair) Adult (Tynor)

    Tynor Orthotics (P) Ltd

    Medical Arch Orthosis 

    Medial Arch insole is designed to support & maintain the arch of the foot. It is designed to distribute the pressure on the foot evenly and naturally. Placed inside the shoe for effective results.

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    Rs 326.00

4 Item(s)

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